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July 10, 2009
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freckle girl's revenge by Nopa freckle girl's revenge by Nopa
"It was you who always made me cry.

You said that the future hasn`t anything to offer for girls like me.

And that my dreams are childish and they never could be real.

You said that ugly girls never find boyfriends either.

"Oh, poor girl."

I said nothing.

Now I am not a little girl anymore and I can see the other side. When I pass you on the street, I give you my most beautiful smile. That is my sweet revenge."

Finally finished, I had some trouble with the background and it took weeks before I knew what there would be. : D The result is probably different tan my visions, but I think that it is still fine...? I wanted to draw a potrait of a strong female and while painting this, I invented her story too.

This is one of my biggest watercolour pictures this far, and the size is only about A4. :------D Well, I am slowly moving to the bigger sizes..! The colours are quite wrong in this scan, I`ll try to edit them better later. : / The colours in the girl are warmer and colours are more fresh than in this one. There also isn`t any black in this picture, black lines should be brown. >____> Scanning is hard...

But anyway, I hope that you like her! :--->
(and it should be "freckle girl`s revenge, but deviantart isn`t allowing ` ) : D

//edit: I finally changed the picture. This version has warmer colours than previous one and they are quite near the original picture`s colours. : >

-do not edit, use, copy, steal etc.
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I love this. Her expression is so beautiful.
Thank you so much! :hug:
bougainvillea Sep 10, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Rakastan sinun töitä! <3
Hii, kiitos! :aww:
very beautiful :heart:
and I can somehow identify with the girl and her storyXD
thanks! :aww:
how cool, hehe, it feels nice that someone can :'>
kiusa Jul 31, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
see, earthy colors!
ja ihana tyttö. ihana kuva.
Yeas, now when I think about it, I can really see some earthy colours. : D How funny that I never realized before you mentioned it...
kiitos paljon! :-----)
ellette Jul 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is amazing~ the watercolors are beautiful (i'm jealous of your skill!) and the color choices are as well. just fantastic all around C:
Aww, thank you, ellette! :aww: And oh, I am sure that you would learn to use watercolour super well! I mean, for long time I wasn`t very happy with my watercolour skills, my pics were quite dry and not fresh at all (I think that it is important that the watercolour picture doesn`t look too airless ^^). : / But I started to practice with them again some time ago and now I can see some improvement. : D Just paint always once in the while some watercolour pictures carefully and patiently and try different methods. I fell in love with some kind of layer-techique. first I paint one layer, when it is dry or almost dry, then another on it etc. : >

thanks still once! :hug:
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